Corporate Balloon Promotions

Most people will remember and comment on a hot air balloon they have seen, but less than a third will remember and comment on billboard advertising. Hot air ballooning by its very nature is uplifting and positive. We have enthusiasts show us photos of our promotional balloons taken as long as 20 years ago. Frequently, our promotional balloons end up on the front page of the newspaper or on the local/national TV news.

For launching a new product or store, increasing brand awareness or looking for a new way to capture media attention, a balloon promotional program is a very visible and cost-effective way to go. Balloon programs capture the attention of people from a wide range of demographics. Even better, studies have shown balloon promotions to be more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising. Contact us today for a quote on a program, long or short term, that will meet your specific needs.

Existing balloons can be outfitted with a custom banner or a custom-built Cameron Balloon system can be purchased, depending on your needs. Let Airborne Heat Ballooning consult with you to develop a turn-key program that fits your company's advertising requirements.

Airborne Heat Owner, Elizabeth Wright-Smith, is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the field, having been involved in balloon promotions since the 1980’s. Through the years, Airborne Heat’s pilots have flown promotions for such clients as:

  • University of New Mexico
  • American Movie Classics
  • The Minute Maid Company
  • Dean Foods (Creamland Dairy)
  • Sinclair Oil
  • Fox Photo
  • Kraft Foods
  • Conoco Inc.
  • First Security Bank
  • Wonder Bread
  • Maxwell House Coffee
  • RE/MAX
  • Wells Fargo Bank

Your company could be next.

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